Our history

Passamani is an historical company  placed in Novara, Italy. Passamani born around the end of the 1800 producing manufactures for  soft furnishing and for the military world. Thanks to young Gianni Versace Passamani joint the fashion universe.

Today the company, was absorbed by Forza Giovane in 2012, reborned by combining the tradition to the innovation of manufacture. Passamani  has  40 engine-driven wood looms and more than 60 machines for varios manifacturing as jacquardsoutage and so on, that make it able to weave all different kind of yarn.

The challenge undertaken by Mr Piergiovanni Vitalini is that to owen  the Passamani  company, Piero  seeing on it the kernel of an artisan tradition that is a part of our history, and making it able to carry on  its activity strictly connected with Forza Giovane of wich Piero is the owner.